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Let's Get Started Again!

We’re back and excited to return after a break! This episode was recorded in April 2020, just before Easter. We talk about how different things are now & how they used to be, just a few weeks ago. At this point, Maria & Angela have been “in quarantine” for about 4 weeks. Maria tells us some of the things she’s been baking and what to do with them, like make bread pudding! Angela tells us about the care package she sent her mom with formas (molds) for cheese and other goodies.

We also talk about how we’re passing the time and new habits—including weekly video chats with family & friends.

The work of the following people & business was mentioned in this episode:

  • Comedian Taylor Amarante:

  • Goretti Medeiros of Rooster Camisa:

  • Brian Martins & Derrick DeMelo of The Portuguese Kids:

How are you spending the time? Do you have any suggestions for future episodes? We’d also love to hear how Portuguese-American organizations are giving back. E-mail us and let us know:

Até a próxima!

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