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Catching up with The Portuguese Kids.

In today’s episode, we spend some time catching up with Brian & Derrick of the Portuguese Kids. The guys tell us how much they miss performing and being on the road with their friends & fans across the U.S., Canada & beyond. The Portuguese Kids have been focusing on channeling their energy into creating (socially distant) online content and their website, Watch some of their videos here. Brian’s daughter has been keeping dad up to date with the latest and greatest in Tik Tok. Derrick tells us, “I went from being a comedian to being a linguiça salesman.” We discuss Galo de Barcelos etiquette and new products now available online, perfect for gifting your tia, primo, or yourself! Last, but not least, we talk about some of the quarantine habits and skills we’ve picked up and want to stick to in a post-pandemic world.

What have you ordered online and love? Let us know so we can add it to our shopping list:

Até a próxima *se Deus quiser, added by Derrick* (god-willing)!

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