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Portuguese Crypto Queen

In today’s episode of Our Portuguese Table, Angela and Maria chat with Mariah Vitoria, who is a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Mariah was a student when she began dabbling in online sweepstakes. She sold many of the cars and prizes she won. In 2013, she purchased a donut fryer online before making the jump to food trucks. During the off-season, Mariah began learning about cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, and hasn’t looked back. She eventually sold her food truck, and began investing almost exclusively in Bitcoin. She suggests looking on YouTube to learn more about Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency.

Mariah is currently based in Puerto Rico, where she trades cryptocurrency as well as advises and educates others about it. She also volunteers at orphanages during her free time.

Mariah has traveled around the world, educating others about cryptocurrency. She enjoys visiting Hawaii and stopping at Leonard’s for malassadas. Mariah also tells us about the time she booked a trip to Terceira and left later that day. We also chat about some of her favorite foods, like linguiça soup; and her first food memory (hint: it’s not Portuguese).

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