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Fadista David Garcia - Palco da Vida

In today’s episode, we chat with fadista David Silveira Garcia of San José, California! David is our first fadista on the show! He shares the history of his recent career and influences. David has had the opportunity to sing for greats like Celeste Rodrigues (Amália’s sister) in Lisbon. He released his second album, Palco da Vida, earlier this year. Performances this year include stops in Lisbon and the Açores—including Terceira, Faial, and São Miguel—and an upcoming trip to Hawaii. Visit his website for the latest updates and more information: Listen to David’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.

David shares his favorite food memories, including snacking on crackers and São Jorge cheese and dinner party ideas. He also underscores the important of finding new and creative ways to get youth involved in the community—Portuguese-American or not.



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