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Coffee Culture and Esplanadas at Tia Maria's European Cafe

In today’s episode of Our Portuguese Table, we chat with Jessica Coelho (aka Jessica Rabbit) of Tia Maria’s European Café in New Bedford, MA.

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To start out, Angela and Maria talk about the advantages of living on either coast – Maria’s got cold weather but plenty of Portuguese restaurants but Angela has good weather and not many restaurants.

It has always been a dream of Jessica’s to open a European-style café after enjoying the coffee culture and the esplanadas of Portugal. After studying business in school, Jessica took a risk and opened Tia Maria’s. Everyone’s got a Tia Maria (or two or three…), which is where Jessica got the inspiration for the name of her café. Her parents can often be found cooking in the kitchen, so it’s a real family affair. Tia’s has a working menu that caters to both New Bedford locals and members of the Portuguese community – if there’s something you’re looking for that’s not on it, just ask!

She discusses the importance of listening to your customers’ feedback and how to take the good along with the bad. Some of their signature dishes include the Azorean Steak, Portuguese Burger, Bifanas (Maria’s go-to) and fusions like Portuguese Nachos & Mozambique Sauce Chicken Tenders. Take a look at some of Tia Maria’s dishes in this episode of Phantom Gourmet:

Have you been to Tia Maria's? Tell us about your experience!




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