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Bend It Like Buddha!

Feliz Ano Novo! It’s been a little while but we are excited to bring you more podcasts in 2018!

In today’s episode, we deviate from food for a bit and chat with Lisa Furtado, of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Lisa spent many summers with her family in Ponta Garça on the island of São Miguel. After completing her studies, Lisa took a leap of faith and moved to Asia, where she dabbled in a couple different ventures. She chose to pursue her love of the field of wellness and is now a yoga instructor. Lisa spends her summer seasons on Praia da Rocha in Portimão (Algarve) teaching yoga at Bend It Like Buddha

( She’s also visited places like Goa & Macau during her yoga studies (Is your wanderlust kicking in yet? Ours is!)

Some of Lisa’s favorite food memories are of making massa with mom and picking figs from her avô’s quintal. Stay tuned for a yoga retreat at Terra Nostra in Furnas – we talk about doing some yoga at the botanical gardens. ;)

To learn more about Bend It Like Buddha, check out their website:

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