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Keep Calm, Trust Your Gut and Love a Portuguese Girl!

In today’s episode of Our Portuguese Table, Maria & Angela spend some time catching up.

Angela thinks Maria has a future in being a motivational public speaker. Not many people are so unconditionally supportive of their friends and family, and Maria's pep talks have helped Angela get through some tough moments!

It’s important to listen to your gut, be positive and persevere! Surround yourself with positive people who encourage and inspire you. As Angela said, “Just because other people don’t see [your] vision doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue it.”

Angela talks about her recent experience at a trade show and how it wasn’t as successful as she’d hoped. But there were many lessons learned, and she continues to work on building her businesses. On the bright side, Angela’s bilingual Portuguese-English children’s book, “Linda Menina, Pretty Girl” is now on sale on Amazon and at Additional books are in the works so stay tuned!

Maria has also been a busy lady! Thanks to a major sponsor, her cooking show on PBS in Rhode Island is set to start filming this month and will air across the U.S. and Canada! Some of the episodes will even be filmed in the Azores!

And last, but not least, we start talking about Easter foods. Angela is thinking of making a rack of lamb with batatas ao murro (smashed potatos). Maria talks desserts like lemon-coconut cake and, of course, sweet bread!

Do you have Maria's book? Buy it here if not!

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