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Steven de Sousa – Founder of Portuguese Pride Online Community

Ever wonder who is behind some of the Portuguese groups on Facebook? Meet Steve de Sousa from Canada! He started the Portuguese Pride page a few years ago and has been maintaining it ever since. We talk with Steve about how and why he started the group, feedback from the community, his experience growing up, and even how his fiancé (who is from Hong Kong) loves Portuguese food!

On this page, they have profiled different members of the community, and it just so happens that Maria’s profile was the most popular! No shock there! =)

We also talk a bit about Nelly Furtado and how the community in Canada has responded to her success. For the most part it has been positive and everyone is really happy and proud for her. But of course, there are those that feel she doesn’t fly the Portuguese flag enough in her career. C’mon people, give Nelly a break. Should she tattoo the Portuguese flag on her forehead??? She sings in Portuguese, and in our experience at all her concerts, has had Portuguese flags on her stage set and is always very willing to recognize her Portuguese heritage.

Listen to this week’s episode and let us know what you think!

On the Portuguese Pride site, Daniel Da Silva shows off his tattoo he had done by Cristiano Ronaldo's cousin 36 hours after Portugal won the Euro 2016!

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