Portuguese women are the best multi-taskers!

What many folks may not realize is that both Maria and Angela have full-time day jobs, and this podcast is one of the many things they do in their “free time”. That means that podcasts are often pre-recorded weeks, if not months, in advance, and sometimes weeks will go by without the two of them chatting! So this podcast is a fun “catch up” conversation between the two friends where they talk about what’s been going on with their lives, read comments from listeners, praise the multi-tasking talent of Portuguese women, and talk about all the yummy foods you can find at festas during the summer.

Thank you to those who have sent in comments – we love hearing from you!

Enjoy this little chat, and be sure to leave us a comment on Facebook, or a review on iTunes!


Maria at one of her book signings

Maria at one of her book signings in her "free" time

Angela speaking at a Portuguese tech networking conference, in her "free" time

Lupulo - http://www.lupulonyc.com/

Ipanema - http://ipanemanyc.com/#!home-page

La Salette - http://www.lasalette-restaurant.com/

David Leite named top influencers - http://www.townvibe.com/Litchfield/July-August-2016/Litchfields-Most-Influential-2016/#.V2rcB5EQ96I.facebook

Café Lucia - http://cafelucia.net/

MyLuso – where you can find festas nationwide! - http://www.myluso.com/

Recipe for Sopas do Espirito Santo - http://twoazoreanchicks.blogspot.com/2013/04/sopa-do-espirito-santo.html

Massa Souvada - http://azoreangreenbean.com/2015/12/portuguese-sweetbread/

Arroz Doce - http://azoreangreenbean.com/2015/12/arroz-doce-sweet-rice/

Cacoila - http://allrecipes.com/recipe/30626/portuguese-beef---cacoila/

Carne no Espeto - http://www.theportugueseamericanmom.com/holy-ghost-skewered-meat-carne-espeto/

Malasadas/Filhos - http://azoreangreenbean.com/2015/12/malassadas/

Tremosos - https://easyportugueserecipes.com/tremocos-lupini-beans/

Madeiran Feast in Massachusetts - http://portuguesefeast.com/page/welcome-to-the-2016-feast-of-the-blessed-sacrament

Portuguese Spice Blend and Piri Piri from La Salette - http://www.lasalette-restaurant.com/portuguese-products.html

Salada de Atum e grao bico (be sure to use tuna packed in olive oil!) - http://panelaterapia.com/2015/04/salada-de-grao-de-bico-com-atu.html

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