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Summer is here! Festas, BBQ and delicious desserts!

In this episode, Maria and Angela talk about all the yummy foods their families make during the summer! Talk about BBQ, refreshing summer salads, delicious desserts and of course, the different festas that happen during the summer.

Maria’s twins are firecracker babies and celebrate their birthday on the 4th of July! And let’s not forget that it’s Angela’s birthday in July too!

Be sure to read through all the show notes because there are a TON of links to different foods and recipes that were talked about!

Listen to this episode here!

Green pepper and onion salad:

Tomato and garlic salad:

Grilling veggies:

Sardinhas Assadas/Grilled Sardines:

Grandmother’s Pudding (Pudim da Avó) Recipe:

Maria’s Hot & Cold Dessert:


La Salette Spice Blends:-

Festa do Sao Joao do Porto:

Sao Joaninas in Terceira:

Festa do Santo Antonio em Lisboa:

Bacalhau Tacos:

Bacalhau Salad:

Tuna Salad:

Salada de Fruta:

Vinho Verde Sangria:

Queijo Fresco:

Portugalia Marketplace in Fall River:

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