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Feliz Dia de Portugal! Happy Father's Day! Let's Celebrate!

June is a month of many celebrations, including Father's Day and Dia de Portugal! In this episode Maria and Angela talk about how Dia de Portugal is celebrated in different communities, including San Jose and New Bedford where they live.

And for Father's Day, both hosts share special memories and moments about their dads and talk about the influence their dad's had on their lives.

The conversation also covers the importance of speaking Portuguese and other languages.

Listen to the episode here!

Dia de Portugal Festival in San Jose, or find info on Facebook,

New Bedford Day of Portugal:, also on Facebook,

Day of Portugal Fall River,

Day of Portugal Newark, NJ,

Rhode Island Day of Portugal,

Portuguese-American Wineries!

Morey Cellars,

Leal Vineyards,

Coelho Winery,

Mais Fica,

Lusu Cellars,

St. Jorge Winery,

Carvalho Family Winery, Recipe for ALCATRA – PORTUGUESE POT ROAST IN THE SLOW COOKER Cozido a Portuguesa Portugalia Store Bacalhau Grill, order the Febras plate or the bacalhau tacos! Caserta Pizzeria, order the Wimpy Skimpy!

Did we miss something? Please let us know and we'll update the show notes!

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