What is "Cozinha Nova Portuguesa"? Chef Manuel Azevedo Explains

Named after Chef Manuel Azevedo's mother, LaSalette Restaurant opened in Sonoma nearly 20 years ago, and for a long time was one of the only Portuguese restaurants in the entire state of California. Listen to how Chef Manuel went from wanting to be a mechanic to returning to his love of food, and now after two restaurants and a beautiful cookbook, he is embarking on a third restaurant, Tasca Tasca. Learn more about Chef Manuel at http://www.lasalette-restaurant.com/, his newest restaurant at http://www.tascatasca.com/ and his restaurant, Cafe Lucia that he owns with his sister at http://cafelucia.net/

Listen to this podcast episode: https://soundcloud.com/our-portuguese-table/what-is-cozinha-nova-portuguesa-chef-manuel-azevedo-explains

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