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Introducing the “Our Portuguese Table” Podcast, the First Podcast Dedicated to the Portuguese Experi

March 7, 2016 - Today marks the official launch day of the Our Portuguese Table podcast, the first podcast dedicated to the Portuguese experience, and what it’s like to grow up Portuguese no matter where you live. Hosted by Maria Lawton, the Azorean Greenbean, and Angela Simoes, a community leader in California, this podcast is meant to bring awareness and discussion about Portuguese food,

culture and what it means to be Portuguese no matter where you live.

“I'm so excited about Our Portuguese Table podcast,” said Maria Lawton. “I truly want to continue promoting our Portuguese heritage wherever I can, and this was the perfect answer to reach even more people. Podcasts I feel really connect with people on a very personal level. I'm hoping to inspire people who listen to the many wonderful guests we have scheduled explain what it means to be Portuguese and how it influenced their lives. We are so proud of who we are, and we want

the rest of the world to know it too!!!”

The Our Portuguese Table podcast will be hosted on SoundCloud, and eventually iTunes, and all episodes will be hosted on the official podcast website Published every other Monday, the Our Portuguese Table podcast will feature interviews with Portuguese chefs, restaurant owners and other community leaders to raise awareness of everything from how to cook

delicious Portuguese foods to what it’s like to be Portuguese to the success of so many of our fellow Portuguese.

“When Maria and I did our first webinar together we instantly clicked like we had known each other our entire lives, and immediately knew that we had to do something together,” said Angela Simoes. “We love being Portuguese and there is so much to share – from the food to music to our celebrations and language. We hope that our fellow Portuguese will relate to our conversations and even share their

own experiences, and that non-Portuguese will find an appreciation for the Portuguese culture they may not have found another way. Whoever listens to our podcast, we hope they feel like they are sitting right beside us at our kitchen table, laughing and learning with us.”

Listen to the Our Portuguese Table podcast on SoundCloud at, or download the SoundCloud mobile app for iOS or Android.

Visit for more information and provide feedback and suggestions to Maria and Angela.

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Maria Lawton

Angela Simoes

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